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How to add slash after every string in PHP?

How i can add a slash or ; after every string. Here i have an Example:

This is what i have

"SKU" "TITLE" "LINK" "LINK2" "PRICE" "World of Warcraft"

But i will have like that

"SKU";"TITLE";"LINK";"LINK2";"PRICE";"World of Warcraft"

How i can made this? I work with affiliate and this Partner dont give
. Its only an
So, how i can add slash into every "string"?
i already tried to add
after every 2nd
. But it dont work with my code...
also tried with

str_replace(" ", ";", $item);

Answer Source

The solution using preg_replace function:

$str = '"61926182767182" "DAS GEILE GAME" "HTTP://" "HTTP://" "32.59"';
$str = preg_replace("/(\"[^\"]+\")\s/", "$1;", $str);

print_r($str);  // '"61926182767182";"DAS GEILE GAME";"HTTP://";"HTTP://";"32.59"'

(this approach can be easily extended if there would be tabs instead of spaces in the input string OR if there may be multiple spaces between words. It's more flexible)

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