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Java Question

Metamap run local raise "Error when querying Prolog Server: Connection refused"

I follow this steps to run the Metamap Java API 2014 on Linux platform
(Main page from metamap)

After start Metamap server, I run some main class in Metamap JavaAPI pakages, but it raises

Error when querying Prolog Server: Connection refused

Then I check if the Metamap server is running on port
by using the command:
sudo netstat -tulpn | grep 8066

but I receive nothing.

Did anyone had the same problem before and knows solution for this?

Answer Source

After running skrmedpostctl (and the optional word sense diambiguation server wsdserverctl), you need to run the mmserver executable in order to use the Java API for Metamap. This can be run by running the command


Also, be sure to include the two jar files for metamap and prolog-beans in your classpath (in your IDE, this can be done by adding a dependency to these jars).

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