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Perl Question

Can `goto LABEL` cause a memory leak?

Can using

with labels cause memory leaks? All I found in the documentation for
that seems relevant is:

goto LABEL
form finds the statement labeled with LABEL and resumes execution there.

Is it safe to use
goto LABEL

Answer Source

After 1 minute of testing, the answer seems to be: yes no (see update below)

Watching top while this is running, %MEM continually increments

    my $x = 1;
    goto THIS;

This does not exhibit the same incrementing %MEM counter

while (1) {
    my $x = 1;


I misunderstood the question. My take on the question was whether memory would be allocated for a lexical variable that already existed in that lexical scope with the use of a goto, and my test seems to say yes. Strictly speaking, this is not a memory leak. Should perl ever exit this lexical scope, the allocated space would be released.

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