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Nightly build for android project using gradle

I have an android project which I'm developing in windows environment.
Also a remote git repository exist which I push my project to it daily.
My requirement is to have a mechanism to automate daily(or nightly) builds.
I know that I can build my project in command line by aid of "gardlew.bat". This wrapper is special to my environment (windows) and I need to build the project on remote git repository which is on a linux machine.
How can i build my project on a linux machine using command line?

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As part of your project's root files, you can find "gradlew.bat" that is meant to run on windows machines, and a "gradlew" file that is meant to run on a unix based system.

To build from unix command line, clone your entire project into the linux based machine and run the following command:

./gradlew assembleRelease

You need to make sure that your environment is set up correctly (JDK is installed and JAVA_HOME is configured correctly).

For detailed explanation, please refer to the Android Studio developers site for more information.

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