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HTML Question

How to stop broken images showing

I have a table with some images that I want to start out with no images in them.I have set the src="".But when viewed in a browser it shows broken image pics.

<td><img src=""> </td>
<td><img src=""> </td>
<td><img src=""></td>

How can I prevent the browser from showing the broken image pics or X or whatever until I put some data
into the src attribute.

Answer Source

Simply don't put those img elements there. They have no semantic value. Also, you should read this article: Empty image src can destroy your site on NCZOnline

I guess you're changing the image source with Javascript anyways. You should simply add an img in the cell if there is not one yet (see the example in the MDC appendChild() page).

(Another, uglier solution is to hide the images by default (style="display: none;"), and only display them with Javascript if they get an src. But you should do the first one.)

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