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Continuing in the Visual Studio debugger after an exception occurs

When I debug a C# program and I get an exception throwed (either thrown by code OR thrown by the framework), the IDE stops and get me to the corresponding line in my code.

Everything is fine for now.

I then press "F5" to continue. From this moment, it seams like I'm in an infinite loop. The IDE always get me back to the exception line. I have to Shift + F5 (stop debugging/terminate the program) to get out of his.

I talked with some co-workers here and they told me that this happens sometime to them too.

What's happening?

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This is because the exception is un-handled and Visual Studio can not move past that line without it being handled in some manner. Simply put, it is by design.

One thing that you can do is drag and drop the execution point (yellow line/arrow) to a previous point in your code and modify the in memory values (using the Visual Studio watch windows) so that they do not cause an exception. Then start stepping through the code again1.

It is a better idea though to stop execution and fix the problem that is causing the exception, or properly handle the exception if the throw is not desired.

1 This can have unintended consequences since you are essentially re-executing some code (not rewinding the execution).

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