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Map from JSON to java object with different structure

I have a JSON string representing an object, and I want to put its information into a Java object

with a different structure. Currently the solution I am taking is creating a Java Object
with a structure identical to the JSON object, made the conversion from JSON to
using Jackson and later, made the mapping from
using Dozer with XML mappings. Is there anyway to avoid having the

Making it short, currently I have this:

JSON--Jackson-->A--Dozer(XML mappings)-->B

and I would like to achieve this


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You may know this already, but Jackson can use loosely structure types like Map, or JsonNode as target, so you can do, say:

JsonNode root = mapper.readTree(jsonSource); Map<String,Object> asMap = mapper.readValue(jsonSource, Map.class);

and then construct your B. Jackson has only limited amount of structural conversions (simple unwrapping), by design, although there is extensive set of scalar conversions (non-structural conversions), so if you do need structural changes it may make sense to use a library that is focused on structural changes.