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Java Question

Java construrctor with string params

How can I extract attributes values from the string parameter ?

public class Pays{
public Pays(String paysDescriptions) {

pays= new Pays("p1:Europe:France, p2:Amerique:Canada");


I gave an answer below to people who have never used this type of constructor (like me :p ) and who may need some explanations.


You should try using String.split(String regex) API.

  1. Break the parameter paysDescriptions using comma(,) as regex, then
  2. Break the individual items using colon(:) as regex


public Pays(String paysDescriptions) {
    String[] split_1 = paysDescriptions.split(",");
    for (String split : split_1) {
        String[] split_2 = split.split(":");
        for (String sp : split_2) {
            System.out.println(sp); // use sp.trim() if spaces after comma
                                    // not required.