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Flask return multiple variables?

I am learning Flash with Python. My python skills are okay, but I have no experience with web apps. I have a form that takes some information and I want to display it back after it is submitted. I can do that part, however I can only return one variable from that form even tho there are 3 variables in the form. I can return each one individually but not all together. If I try all 3, I get a 500 error. Here is the code I am working with;

from flask import Blueprint
from flask import render_template
from flask import request

simple_page = Blueprint('simple_page', __name__)

@simple_page.route('/testing', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def my_form():
if request.method=='GET':
return render_template("my-form.html")
elif request.method=='POST':
firstname = request.form['firstname']
lastname = request.form['lastname']
cellphone = request.form['cellphone']
return firstname, lastname, cellphone

If I change the last return line to..

return firstname

it works, or..

`return lastname`


`return cellphone`

If I try two variables it will only return the first, once I add the 3rd I get the 500 error. I am sure I am doing something silly, but even with tons of googling I could not get it figured out. Any help would be great. Thank you.

Answer Source

Flask requires either a str or Response to be return, in you case you are attempting to return a tuple.

You can either return your tuple as a formatted str

return  '{} {} {}'.format(firstname, lastname, cellphone)

Or you can pass the values into another template

return render_template('my_other_template.html', 
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