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Header fixed by css position:fixed and lightbox effect get overlayed by it

I got a problem of images and header and a lightbox effect. Actually in my website I needed the header as a constant so I made it constant by adding css property position:fixed and it worked out also but I got another problem as this messed up with lightbox effect. It got underlayed by header. I want that when I open lightbox the header should be overlayed by lightbox effect. And again a problem of images that I put in the slider when scrolls are also giving problems.

Please check this site and scroll to our portfolio and open one of image and scroll to top you will clearly understand my problem.

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hey guys i found the answer. Thank u kayee. That problem caused due to Z-index. I have changed Z-index property.

Things that i had to keep on top, i have increased their z-index.

z-index:999; //for lightbox popup

for other

Z-index:900; //less than lightbox popup z-index

and the problem is solved.

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