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Java Question

Using higer order function to override abstract method in java

In an abstract class i have the following definitions:

protected abstract A expectedA(B b);

protected Function<A, B> createExpectedA(Long foo) {
return a -> { ... return b}}

And then I want to override the abstract function with the return function from
like so:

protected Function<A, B> expectedA = createExpectedA(fee);

However this gives me the following error:

The annotation @Override is disallowed for this location

How can I do what I want abowe in Java8?


The annotation Override is meant to be used on methods not on fields, that is why you get this error. As reminder, here is the Javadoc:

Indicates that a method declaration is intended to override a method declaration in a supertype. If a method is annotated with this annotation type compilers are required to generate an error message unless at least one of the following conditions hold:

  • The method does override or implement a method declared in a supertype.
  • The method has a signature that is override-equivalent to that of any public method declared in Object.

What you want to do seem to be something like this:

protected A expectedA(B b) {
    return createExpectedA(fee).apply(b);