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AngularJS Question

how to change the height of ngdialog

I want to set size of ngdialog ,when I write the code below{ template: 'adddUserDialog' , className: 'ngdialog-theme-default',width:800px,height:800px});
I find the height configuration doesn't take effect but the width configuration works properly.Maybe ngdialog open fucntion doesn't support the parameter of height.

Answer Source

If you read the documentation for ng-dialog options you can see that it does not accept height. However, you can set a custom class to the wrapper, which means you should be able to set a height through a class definition as follows:

  template: 'adddUserDialog',
  className: 'ngdialog-theme-default',
  appendClassName: 'ngdialog-custom',


.ngdialog.ngdialog-custom .ngdialog-content {
  height: 800px;
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