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What UI framework does Neo4j Browser use?

I've always seen this three-column UI, for usage of management panels, Electron apps, and so on. I am wondering what kind of UI libraries/framework does this kind of pages use.

The last few days I've started diving into Neo4j, and found that Neo4j's built-in bowser looks like this:


I opened the source code of this page and found there are

tags everywhere. So I think it uses AngularJS framework.

Then I searched the neo4j's github repo and found no css code that it uses. So I think there must be a UI framework it have used. I don't know which UI framework it uses, and whether this UI framework working for AngularJS solely. But I think this UI framework's default looking must be the same as the following image.


Answer Source

From looking at the browser source code, it looks like Neo4J's web app uses Angular, as well as Bootstrap's CSS styling, and some other scripts.. You can browser the coffee-script source code for it here:

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