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Python : meaning of end='' in the statement print("\t",end='')

This is the function for printing all values in a nested list (taken from Head first with Python).

def printall(the_list, level):
for x in the_list:
if isinstance(x, list):
printall(x, level=level + 1)
for tab_stop in range(level):
print("\t", end='')

The function is working properly.

The function basically prints the values in a list and if there is a nested list then it print it by a tab space.

Just for a better understanding, what does
end=' '

I am using Python 3.3.5

For 2.7

f = fi.input( files = 'test2.py', inplace = True, backup = '.bak')
for line in f:
if fi.lineno() == 4:
print line + '\n'
print 'extra line'
print line + '\n'

as of 2.6 fileinput does not support with.
This code appends 3 more lines and prints the appended text on the 3rd new line. and then appends a further 16 empty lines.

Answer Source

The default value of end is \n meaning that after the print statement it will print a new line. So simply stated end is what you want to be printed after the print statement has been executed

Eg: - print ("hello",end=" +") will print hello +

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