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Javascript Question

Add or change a value of JSON key with jquery or javascript

I have a JSON string(?) that I have returned from $.ajax() and named it "data". Some of the values are empty and I need to add values to some of the keys and send it back to my PHP script.

I access the existing values by data.keyName. How do I add or change the values of certain keys in "data"?

This is what "data" looks like.

{"ID":"48","userID":"0","address":"750 North High Street","city":"Columbus","state":"OH","zip":"43215","lat":"39.977673","lng":"-83.003357","busNumber":"55","isClaimed":"N","whereFound":"","busNum":"","email":"","fname":"","lname":"","comments":""}

Answer Source

Once you have decoded the JSON, the result is a JavaScript object. Just manipulate it as you would any other object. For example:

data.busNum = 12345;
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