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Check if regex group exists in result

I'm trying to extract data from a line of gcode which can look like ANY of the following:

G01 X10. Y20. Z3.0 F15.
G01 Y10.X20.150

Now I already created my regular expression that matches this perfectly with groups:


and that seems to be working great. I get three groups of data out for each result, example:

G01 X10. Y20. Z3.0 F15.
G01 | G | 01
X10. | X | 10.
Y20. | Y | 20.
Z3.0 | Z | 3.0
F15. | F | 15.

What I'd like to do is be able to check which values are in the input string so I can extract the data and make positional commands. Take the above example, I'd like to extract just the X, Y, and Z values so I can create a Vector of them. This is easy to do when I have all 3 values, but how can I check if a value exists in the first group if the input string is
G01 X10. Y5.0

Answer Source

In order to do this, I decided to iterate through each regex match, then I checked if the first group was either X, Y, or Z, and using a switch statement, changed the value of my 3D vector. Here's the code in case anyone else would like to produce something similar:

public static void ExtractAll(string gcode)
    dataPos = Vector3.zero;

    var match = Regex.Matches(gcode, @"(G|M|X|Y|Z|I|J|K|F)(?<val>-?\d*\.?\d+\.?)");
    for (int i = 0; i < match.Count; i++)
        switch (match[i].Groups[1].Value)
            case "X":
                dataPos.x = float.Parse(match[i].Groups["val"].Value);
            case "Y":
                dataPos.y = float.Parse(match[i].Groups["val"].Value);
            case "Z":
                dataPos.z = float.Parse(match[i].Groups["val"].Value);

Note to use regex you need to include it's namespace: using System.Text.RegularExpressions;