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Call JavaScript function from native code in WKWebView

Using a WKWebView in iOS 8, how can I run a JavaScript function from the native side or otherwise communicate from the native side to JavaScript? There doesn't appear to be a method akin to UIWebView's


(I can use
- addScriptMessageHandler:name:
on the
object to allow communication from JS to native, but I'm looking for the opposite direction.)

Answer Source

(I filed a Radar for this shortly after asking the question here.)

A new method was just added a few days ago (thanks jcesarmobile for pointing it out):

Add -[WKWebView evaluateJavaScript:completionHandler:]

The method is available in iOS 8 beta 3 and up. Here's the new method signature:

/* @abstract Evaluates the given JavaScript string. 
 @param javaScriptString The JavaScript string to evaluate. 
 @param completionHandler A block to invoke when script evaluation completes
     or fails. 
 @discussion The completionHandler is passed the result of the script evaluation
     or an error. 
- (void)evaluateJavaScript:(NSString *)javaScriptString
         completionHandler:(void (^)(id, NSError *))completionHandler; 

Docs are available here:

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