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How can a PHP script NOT terminate?

I'm on shared hosting and constantly get over process limit errors. Support said if traffic is low then it's because inefficient scripts are not terminated. Since I'm on a shared host and I only create the .php files, I don't really get how my scripts which only serve pages (that is they are called by Apache when a request coming in and they create and display the page) could not terminate.

Is it possible a script can linger on even if it's finished its job? Is there a way to make a script terminate other than exiting when end of file is reached?

My scripts are regular PHP scripts, they fetch data from the database, create the HTML and then exit. They do not do anything special.

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Your PHP Script is running in a Loop which creates the HTML.

  1. It total depends on how much records are coming out of your database.
  2. Their maybe some sort of leakage in your Query which is making it heavy on the Server.
  3. The loop will only end after it's done with it's JOB.

Please paste some code so that we can investigate and help you out. At this time, this all I can say as mentioned above.

You can track down how long does it take for the script to run

    /* Put this first thing before the loop begins */
    echo "Start " . date("Y-m-d H:i:s"); 

    /* Put this at the end of your script */
    echo "End " . date("Y-m-d H:i:s"); 
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