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Java Question

Compile code fully in memory with javax.tools.JavaCompiler

I'm using the JavaCompiler from the javax.tools package (JDK 1.7) to compile some stuff on the fly, like this:

compiler.run(null, null, "-cp", paths, "path/to/my/file.java");

It works but I would like to do it all in memory (e.g. pass a string with the code, not the source file, and get the byte code back not a .class file). I found that extending the
parameters is no use since it's probably just the same as in the console. Do you know a way to make the run method work like this? Or do you know a confirmed way to do this with the
method? (extending the FileManager looks easy but isn't that easy :)

Answer Source

I've run the above code in Mac OS Java 7. None of them works. So i wrote one https://github.com/trung/InMemoryJavaCompiler

StringBuffer sourceCode = new StringBuffer();
sourceCode.append("package org.mdkt;\n");
sourceCode.append("public class HelloClass {\n");
sourceCode.append("   public String hello() { return \"hello\"; }");

Class<?> helloClass = InMemoryJavaCompiler.compile("org.mdkt.HelloClass", sourceCode.toString());
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