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TypeError: Request path contains unescaped characters, how can I fix this

/*Making http request to the api (Git hub)
create request
parse responce
wrap in a function
var https = require("https");

var username = 'lynndor';
var options = {
host: '',
path: ' /users/'+ username +'/repos',
method: 'GET'

var request = https.request(options, function(responce){
var body = ''
responce.on("data", function(chunk){
body += chunk.toString('utf8')
responce.on("end", function(){
console.log("Body", body);

Im trying to create a request to the git hub api, the aim is to get the list repository for the specified you, but i keep getting the above mentioned error, please help

pkd pkd
Answer Source

Your "path" variable contains space

path: ' /users/'+ username +'/repos',

Instead it should be

path: '/users/'+ username +'/repos',

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