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Unable to upload proguard mapping file on Firebase

I am using firebase crash reporting API in my Android app.
Crash reporting is working fine and showing the error on crash reporting dashboard.
But I am not able to upload mapping.txt file on the firebase.
I got mapping file from below location.


The firebase dashboard image is below

enter image description here

Answer Source

I contact firebase support team and they give me some suggestions as bellow.

Please retry using an incognito window, or do the following when uploading proguard mapping file: – log out of your dashboard – clear your browser cache – disable all plugins/extensions/addons – restart the browser – log in again

If you are still having issues:

– try to connect using other browser or network

– open your JavaScript console and see if there are errors – send us your browser/os version – send a screenshot of errors in JavaScript console if possible

I solved my issue when I try to upload a file from another browser.

Hope this will help anyone who is facing the same problem like me.

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