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File upload in expressJS and angularjs using REST API

I am new to angularjs and nodejs.

I want to implement file (.pdf, .jpg, .doc) upload functionality using rest api, angularjs and expressjs.

I have tried to get idea from Use NodeJS to upload file in an API call but still i am not clear about how i can upload file using angularjs and expressjs in REST API.

Can anyone explain me file upload in angularjs and expressjs using REST API with basic example?

Answer Source

Reference :
I have resolved this problem using following code :


<input type="file" ng-file-select="onFileSelect($files)" multiple>
  $scope.onFileSelect = function($files) {
    //$files: an array of files selected, each file has name, size, and type.
    for (var i = 0; i < $files.length; i++) {
      var file = $files[i];
      $scope.upload = $upload.upload({
        url: 'server/upload/url', //upload.php script, node.js route, or servlet url
        // method: 'POST' or 'PUT',
        // headers: {'header-key': 'header-value'},
        // withCredentials: true,
        data: {myObj: $scope.myModelObj},
        file: file, // or list of files: $files for html5 only
        /* set the file formData name ('Content-Desposition'). Default is 'file' */
        //fileFormDataName: myFile, //or a list of names for multiple files (html5).
        /* customize how data is added to formData. See #40#issuecomment-28612000 for sample code */
        //formDataAppender: function(formData, key, val){}
      }).progress(function(evt) {
        console.log('percent: ' + parseInt(100.0 * evt.loaded /;
      }).success(function(data, status, headers, config) {
        // file is uploaded successfully
      //.then(success, error, progress); 
      //.xhr(function(xhr){xhr.upload.addEventListener(...)})// access and attach any event listener to XMLHttpRequest.
    /* alternative way of uploading, send the file binary with the file's content-type.
       Could be used to upload files to CouchDB, imgur, etc... html5 FileReader is needed. 
       It could also be used to monitor the progress of a normal http post/put request with large data*/
    // $scope.upload = $upload.http({...})  see 88#issuecomment-31366487 for sample code.

Nodejs using expressJS

var path = require('path'),
    fs = require('fs');
var tempPath = req.files.file.path,
    targetPath = path.resolve('./uploadFiles/' +;
fs.rename(tempPath, targetPath, function(err) {
if (err) throw err;
console.log("Upload completed!");
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