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Android Studio: Android Manifest doesn't exists or has incorrect root tag

I get this error on Android Studio:
enter image description here

Project was created in Android Studio from scratch, and it was working fine.
What change I made (if I recall correctly), was about a popup dialog, like "

Android Framework detected
". The Android logo appeared in that dialog, and by pressing "Yes", it did some changes to the configurations of the project/module.
And then the error occurred. How i can get it back working?

The problem was not
related. It was
Android Studio
related. Something was wrong in a
file. I created a new project, and carefully merged my code with the new project.
But first, I read some staff about Gradle build system from here:

(Thats how i realized it wasn't Gradle related)

Answer Source

On Android Studio v0.8.2 clicking on Sync project with Gradle files button solved my problem.

Screenshot of Android Studio toolbar with "Sync project with Grandle files" button highlighted.


Thanks to the comment of jaumard. If the Sync project with Gradle files it's not visible you have to open the Gradle panel and click sync icon on top the toolbar.

Hope it helps :)

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