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Node.js Question

Uninstall Node js Windows 10

I have node installed in my machine with windows 10, however i found something weird with the node.

When doing

node -v
from the command line, i got the running version is
, but i am sure i have upgrade the node by downloading the node from the node.js which is the version is
. So i tried to uninstall the node from the apps and feature, the node was removed, but through command line, i still able to do
node -v
and return the same version, tried to restart the machine and still the same.

Anyone know how to solve this?

Answer Source

Try look for these folders and remove them (and their contents) if any still exist. Depending on the version you installed, UAC settings, and CPU architecture, these may or may not exist:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Nodejs
  • C:\Program Files\Nodejs
  • C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Roaming\npm (or %appdata%\npm)
  • C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache (or %appdata%\npm-cache)

Check your %PATH% environment variable to ensure no references to Nodejs or npm exist.

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