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Can't figure out how to use synchronize.js in node.js

I'm trying to use the module synchronize.js in my node.js app, but I am failing. Functions are still running out of order, and I'm not getting my data.
Here is a general snippet of my code.

// an object with devices to migrate
var devices2Migrate =
device_array: [],

init: function ( done )
//do init stuff
console.log( 'yay we have a DB connector' );
console.log( 'Database 1 is connected ...' );
console.log( 'Database 2 is connected ...' );

}, done);

loadDevices2Migrate: function ( done )
var self = this;
//get stuff from DB using query()
}, done);
}; //end of object

// load up all the data for the devices using the old style tables
sync.await( devices2Migrate.init( sync.defer() ));
sync.await( devices2Migrate.loadDevices2Migrate( sync.defer() ) );

console.log( devices2Migrate.device_array );
console.log( "size: " + devices2Migrate.device_array.length );

But what happens is that the console.log shows that the functions are not waiting:

yay we have a DB connector
size: 0
Database 1 is connected ...
Database 2 is connected ...

Can anyone point me to what I'm doing wrong? I can fill in the method bodies more if needed, I was just trying to keep it simple at first.
I know my methods( functions ) are correct, because if I wrap the bottom console.log calls (the ones in the fiber) in a setTimeout callback, then I do get my data.

Answer Source

I ended up using the async.js package. It was more "user friendly" in that it worked!

EDIT: in async, I did this:

// load up all the data for the devices using the old style tables
    devices2Migrate.init( callback ),
    devices2Migrate.loadDevices2Migrate( callback )
    // land here when done
    console.log(  devices2Migrate.device_array );
    console.log(  "size: " + devices2Migrate.device_array.length );
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