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How to run angularjs material documentation locally

I have compiled the newest angularjs material and find out that links in the doc all point to absolute URL I want to be able to read the doc and demo content locally.

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You can generate the offline documentation by following the below steps:

  • Install git, nodejs and npm
  • Install gulp:
    npm install --global gulp-cli

  • Clone the angular-material repository:
    git clone

  • Build the repository:
    cd material
    npm install

  • Build the docs:
    gulp watch site --dev

Currently the documentation building task is failing. I have submitted a issue here. Follow this to see what workaround or update they provide.

As per the response here, you'll need to install node v6.10.3 and npm 3.10.10 for building the docs locally. Install these specific versions and follow the above steps.

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