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IE Problem with True Type Font

I intalled a new font on my website but I cannot get IE8 and IE9 to recognize, I have no knoledge on how the browsers render the fonts, but my css style sheet font declaration is as follows,

@font-face {

font-family: VAGRounded; src: url("../fonts/VAGRoundedW01-Light.eot") /* EOT file for IE */

src:url("../fonts/VAGRoundedW01-Light.eot?#iefix") format('embedded-opentype');


@font-face { font-family: VAGRounded; src: url("../fonts/VAGRoundedW01-Light.TTF") format('truetype'),

url("../fonts/VAGRoundedW01-Light.svg#webfontmvIrHXJB") format('svg');

Much help is appreciated!!

Answer Source

IE8 and IE9 do not support embedded fonts via the CSS3 scheme without first converting into supported formats (SVG, TT, EOT, etc.). EDIT: IE8 and IE9 requires tweaks to support embedded fonts. See the comments on your question since it's a duplicate.

FYI IE10 will be the first IE browser to support the HTML5 standard.

There are nifty other methods of embedding fonts. The one I recommend is Cufon because it uses VML in older browsers and doesn't require flash.

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