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Add additional font-end folder to serve static html pages in Rails

I'm trying to display some static landing pages on my Rails application. As of now I'm putting all the static

pages inside the
folder and mapping routes like

match '', :to => redirect('/website/index.html')

There is a link on that static page and on clicking on that link user will be redirected to my main rails application.

Now I need to move folder inside of
to root directory like

I've changed folder structure as above and change routes as

match '', :to => redirect('website/index.html')

and I'm getting this error

ERROR URI::InvalidURIError: the scheme http does not accept registry part

This was just the hit and trial approach and to be honest with you I'm not sure if it is possible to do so. I am guessing if there is any configuration options that is present that would allow me to make any root level directory to server static assets.

Many thanks

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Answer Source

You need to define the folder that is to be used as public in config/application.rb file as follows.

paths['public'] = 'website'

And then you can define your routes as

get '', :to => redirect('index.html')

Alternatively, you can put the whole thing inside the frontend folder, this way there will be less chance of any name conflict if you have multiple static pages

# config/application.rb
paths['public'] = 'frontend'


# config/routes.rb
get '', :to => redirect('website/index.html')

Hope it helps.


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