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Javascript Question

get URL of dynamic table row

I have a table that is dynamically generated. Each entry is pulled from a database. Each row contains a title, model number, and image - as its own


The titles are all stored like this in the database:

<a href="">Item 01</a>

so the displayed name can also be a link.

The problem is - only the title is clickable, I can't seem to move the
tag outside of the relative column. I want the entire row to be clickable now.

Question: Is there a way using javascript to get the URL of a
and apply at to a
that proceeds it? This would have to be all be dynamic, and each row would be different.

(I'm assuming of course to use javascript/jquery to assign the URL to each class.)

Something like this:

<tr class="the_url_that_comes later">
<td class="grab_this_class's_URL">
<a href="the_url_i need_to_get">Item_01</a>

Or could I somehow stretch the across the other columns, maybe with absolute positioning/z-index/display:block??

Thanks for the help, I've never encountered anything like this before!

Answer Source

This is kind of a hack, but should work for this:

$('tr').click(function() {
    $('a', $(this)).first().click();

Translation of code: For every tr element (every row), make the row clickable, and when it is clicked do this: Find the first 'a' (link) element inside 'this' (the row that was just clicked), and simulate clicking it.

All that said, ideally, you should store the link as a separate column in your database, and make the title a link in your front end code, instead of storing the link in the title.

Note that this solution requires jQuery.

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