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Java Question

RunLater on current thread or give a task to current thread to run later

I want to achieve what

does but on the current thread and the program isn't related to JavaFX, it's a Tomcat server.

I tried to do
but I'm pretty sure it doesn't do anything. Probably because there's no JavaFX thread to do it.

I'd rather not open a
because it's going to be another thread on many instances (so many threads), not to mention the method it would need to run is
so I smell a deadlock.

I couldn't find any useful methods on
don't take parameters).

Is there another option to do this?

Answer Source

I used a newSingleThreadExecutor to achieve this, since it can take multiple runnables to a queue and run them sequentially, it can be given tasks from several places and it will run them one by one, it's similar to platform.runLater.

Having a single thread that all instances of the class hold a reference to, solves the "many threads" problem.

It also won't cause a deadlock because it will at most wait for just one other thread to finish the synchronized function and then run just this one function.

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