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CSS Question

Is it possible to override CSS in js

I am using a link generated from a RSS converter (, which sits inside a javascript tag at the end of my html. I have needed to convert an RSS feed to HTML for displaying on some digital signage. It works great, except I am having trouble overriding its default styles. I can change .li and .a styles but not font-size in the body or html tags.

I have looked everywhere for a solution and have tried using !important in my CSS but it isn't working. I would like to use an external style sheet and have it override all styles in the js tag at the end of my html.

Is this possible? I'm new to this and am stuck, please help!

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Possible they are setting some of the styles inline on the elements eg. <span style="font-size:12px">contents</span> using JS themselves. If they are, there is no way to override it with CSS you'll have to use js your self to override their styles.

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