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Put a link in a flash[:notice]

I am learning Ruby and Rails.

I have a Ruby on Rails project that tracks jobs a server is running. Right now, when I manually create a new job, it announces:

flash[:notice] = "Created job job number #{update.id}."

I would like to turn the
into a link to the job on the job list.

The URL for going to the job is
where 1234 is the
that is displayed in the flash notice.

Is it possible to put a link into a
statement? Or do I need to re-work how this message is being displayed in order to turn it into a link?

Answer Source

I may be missing something obvious, but you should just be able to do

flash[:notice] = %Q[Created job number <a href="/jobs/list?job=#{update.id}">#{update.id}</a>]

and then just make sure you're not escaping the content of the flash when you display it in your view.