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React JSX Question

How to avoid React loading twice with Webpack when developing

Given the following directory structure:

|-- node_modules
|-- react
|-- module-x

You can see both my-project and module-x require React. I have the same problem as described on this question, but the suggestion is to remove react from the package.json dependencies. I do that and it works fine, as long as no node_modules are installed in module-x, because Webpack will use React from my-project. But if I'm in the process of developing module-x and the node_modules are installed, Webpack uses React from both my-project and module-x.

Is there a way I could have Webpack make sure only one instance of React is used, even though it's required on two separate levels?

I know I could keep module-x in a separate directory when developing, but it seems like I'd have to publish it and then install it in my-project to test it, and that's not very efficient. I thought about
npm link
, but had no luck with it since it still has node_modules installed in module-x.

This here sounds a lot like the same challenge I'm having, but it doesn't seem like
npm dedupe
or Webpack's dedupe option would work. I'm probably not understanding some important detail.

Answer Source

This issue usually arises when using npm link. A linked module will resolve its dependencies in its own module tree, which is different from the one of the module that required it. As such, the npm link command installs peerDependencies as well as dependencies.

You can use resolve.alias to force require('react') to resolve to your local version of React.

resolve: {
  alias: {
    react: path.resolve('./node_modules/react'),
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