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How can I include necessary libraries with VB.NET project?

I am reworking old VB6 apps into VB.NET with Visual Studio 2005 and when i tried to install them on Windows 10 I got following errors:

adodb vb.net windows 10 error

msdatasrc vb.net windows 10 error

How can I include the missing libraries and carry them with the project?
Or can i somehow make a VB.NET installer with Visual Studio 2005 and it will take all dependencies with it?

Answer Source

It went well. I created new Setup project by using this tutorial vs 2005 setup project tutorial .

I added all the files that resided in the bin folder of my development project, plus I added adodb.dll by using the "Add Assembly" dialog window, right click on the setup project "Application Folder" node.

I also added msdatasrc.dll which is like backward compatibility library for MS Office for Windows XP. You can find download link here office xp support files

Once you these files, you can create shortucts which will open the main *.exe file when double clicked. Shortcuts for the desktop and for menu, can be added on the nodes User's Desktop and User's Menu

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