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How to clear Fastlane gym output directory?

I try to build my iOS app with Fastlane. That works so far but only for the first build.

If I try to rebuild the project I get this error message:

xcodebuild: error: Existing file at -resultBundlePath "xxx/output/Jenkins.result"

This is my Fastlane config:

lane :jenkins do

force: '1',
unlock_keychain: '1',
keychain_path: "~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain",
keychain_password: "xxx",
code_signing_identity: "xxx"


workspace: "Travel.xcworkspace",
configuration: "Release",
scheme: "Jenkins",
silent: true,
clean: true,
export_method: "app-store"


What is missing to clear the output directory?

Answer Source

Use delete workspace plugin or unix shell (rm -f) or windows shell (rmdir /s /q) command.

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