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How to get awaitable Thread.Sleep?

I'm writing a network-bound application based on await/sleep paradigm.

Sometimes, connection errors happen, and in my experience it pays to wait for some time and than retry operation again.

The problem is that if I use Thread.Sleep or some similar blocking operation in await/async, it blocks all activity in the caller thread.

What should I replace Thread.Sleep(10000) with to acheave the same effect as

await Thread.SleepAsync(10000)



I'll prefer an answer which does this without creating any additional threads

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The other answers suggesting starting a new thread are a bad idea - there's no need to do that at all. Part of the point of async/await is to reduce the number of threads your application needs.

You should instead use Task.Delay which doesn't require a new thread, and was designed precisely for this purpose:

// Execution of the async method will continue one second later, but without
// blocking.
await Task.Delay(1000);
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