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Browsers' default CSS for HTML elements

Where can I find a browser's default CSS for HTML elements?

Many HTML elements come with some default CSS properties which can sometimes result in unknown/unwanted behaviour. For example Input boxes are displayed differently in different browsers. I'm looking for a place that covers the new CSS3 properties and the new HTML5 elements.

I've seen in other (much older) questions (such as Browsers' default CSS stylesheets) answers that suggest a solution of CSS reset. This solution is sometimes not wanted, often I would actually like to keep some of the basic properties (such as the highlighting of input boxes in Chrome). In other words: I don't want to get rid of things just because I don't know what they do.

So, Is there a site that can give me all this information (or perhaps most)?

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It's different for each browser, so:

As suggested by robertc, you can also look at the HTML5 Boilerplate stylesheet, which "normalizes the display of a lot of stuff without being a reset in the traditional sense". It also fixes quite a few bugs/inconsistencies.

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