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Ruby Question

Could not bundle install because of 'eventmachine 1.0.3'

$ bundle install

Errno::ENOENT: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen - /Users/Sean/.rbenv/versions/2.1.0/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.0/gems/eventmachine-1.0.3/ext/gem_make.out

An error occurred while installing eventmachine (1.0.3), and Bundler cannot
Make sure that `gem install eventmachine -v '1.0.3'` succeeds before bundling.

$ gem list

eventmachine (1.0.3 x86-mingw32)

$ gem build eventmachine -v 1.0.3

ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::CommandLineError)
Too many gem names (eventmachine, 1.0.3); please specify only one

Answer Source

Try to edit Gemfile.lock and change eventmachive version from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4. This works for me.

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