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Javascript Question

In Babylon.js how can I get/set a FreeCamera's rotation or pan angle?

I am trying to capture a FreeCamera's location and pan angle or rotation so I can reposition the camera later with the exact same view.

(I am working with an altered version of the Collision example at

I seem to be able to get camera.position.x, camera.position.y and camera.position.z ok but camera.cameraRotation.y always yields zero.

Answer Source

The method I've come up with that seems to work reliably is to first collect the various camera stats:

var firstPosition=camera.position.x.toFixed(2)+"/"+camera.position.z.toFixed(2)+"/"+camera.rotation.x.toFixed(2)+"/"+camera.rotation.y.toFixed(2)+"/"+camera.rotation.z.toFixed(2);

which I store in a database. Then, when needed, I get the camera position by:

var firstArray=firstPositionL.split("/");
var firstX=Number(firstArray[0]);
var firstZ=Number(firstArray[1]);
var firstRx=Number(firstArray[2]);
var firstRy=Number(firstArray[3]);
var firstRz=Number(firstArray[4]);

Then when recreating the scene I add this just at the last of the scene creation. I put it into a delay function to give the scene time to establish itself:

var myVar = setInterval(function(){ myTimer() }, 1000);
function myTimer() {            
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