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JSON Question

Building Json with string interpolation in python

I have the following :

max_id = 10
for i in range(max_id):
payload = "{\"text\": R%s,\"count\":\"1 \",}" %(i)

I want to iterate through this , and have the value of the json payload be set to "R1", "R2" ... Upon debugging the output is:

>>> payload
Out[1]: '{"text": R0,"count":"1 ",}'

I need it to be

Out[1]: '{"text": "R0","count":"1 ",}'

I've tried a variety of things that haven't worked:

>>> payload = "{\"text\": %s,\"count\":\"1 \"}" % ("'R'+str(i)")
>>> payload
Out[2]: '{"text": \'R\'+str(i),"count":"1 "}'
>>> payload = "{\"text\": \"%s\",\"count\":\"1 \" }" % ('R'+str(i))
>>> payload
Out[4]: '{"text": \'R\'+str(i),"count":"1 "}'
>>> payload = "{\"text\": %s,\"count\":\"1 \" }" % ('"'+'R'+str(i)+'"')
>>> payload
Out[6]: '{"text": \'R\'+str(i),"count":"1 "}'
>>> payload = "{\"text\": %s,\"count\":\"1 \" }" % ('"'+'R'+str(i)+'"')
>>> payload
Out[8]: '{"text": \'R\'+str(i),"count":"1 "}'
>>> payload = "{\"text\": %s,\"count\":\"1 \" }" % ("+'R'+str(i)+")

How can I get this working?

Answer Source

Don't do this with string interpolation. Use an actual JSON dumper:

import json
payload = json.dumps({"text": 'R'+str(i), "count": "1 "})

If you really wanted to do it with string interpolation, you could add the missing quotes to the format string, but it's not a good habit to get into. You'd just run into further problems later on with characters that need to be escaped and minor differences between JSON syntax and Python literal syntax.

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