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MySQL Question

How do I make this complex query run faster?

This query is taking between 20-40 seconds to run. I need to speed it up greatly if possible.

SELECT DISTINCT a.category, a.key
FROM system_permissions AS a, system_permission_to_role AS b,
system_user_to_role AS c, system_users AS d
AND (b.system_role_id=c.system_role_id || c.system_role_id = 0)
AND a.system_permission_id NOT IN (
SELECT system_permission_id FROM system_permission_exclusions AS f
WHERE d.system_user_id=f.system_user_id
AND c.system_user_id=d.system_user_id
OR a.system_permission_id IN (
SELECT system_permission_id
FROM system_permission_inclusions AS g
WHERE d.system_user_id=g.system_user_id
AND d.ldap_objectguid = '?';

The reason behind doing it this way is that I am creating exclusion and inclusion tables for permissions that fall outside of the standard defined roles, so first I need to exclude ones that are part of the role but exist in the exclusion table, then I need to add ones that are NOT part of their role, but exist in the inclusion table.

I am open to the idea of redesigning the tables also.

Answer Source

Does this work?

SELECT DISTINCT P.category, P.key 
FROM system_users U
LEFT OUTER JOIN system_permission_inclusions PI ON PI.system_user_id = U.system_user_id
INNER JOIN system_user_to_role UR ON UR.system_user_id = U.system_user_id
INNER JOIN system_permission_to_role PR ON PR.system_role_id = UR.system_role_id
INNER JOIN system_permissions P ON P.system_permission_id = PR.system_permission_id OR P.system_permission_id = PI.system_permission_id
WHERE U.ldap_objectguid = '?'
  AND P.system_permission_id NOT IN (SELECT system_permission_id FROM system_permission_exclusions WHERE system_user_id = U.system_user_id)
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