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Laravel exceptions handler

I'm working on a project with Laravel, exceptions are getting catched in the

inside the render function like so:

public function render($request, Exception $e){
case SOME_EXCEPTION::class:
do something..
do something..

The problem as you can see it's getting ugly and messy code with lot of cases

How to fix this?

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Ok, found a way to make it look better. If anyone would like to improve his Exceptions handler in laravel follow this:

Under app/providers create your new service-provider, lets call it ExceptionServiceProvider.php

    class ExceptionServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {

     * Register the service provider.
     * @return void
    public function register()

    public function boot(ExceptionFactory $factory){
        $factory->addException(UnauthorizedException::class, JsonResponse::HTTP_NOT_ACCEPTABLE);
        $factory->addException(ConditionException::class, JsonResponse::HTTP_NOT_ACCEPTABLE, "Some Fixed Error Message");


Create somewhere on your project the ExceptionFactory class which contain the addException method and getters for the code&messages

class ExceptionFactory{

private $exceptionsMap = [];
private $selectedException;

public function addException($exception, $code, $customMessage = null) {
    $this->exceptionsMap[$exception] = [$code, $customMessage];

public function getException($exception){
        return $this->exceptionsMap[$exception];
    return null;

public function setException($exception){
    $this->selectedException = $exception;

public function getCode(){
    return $this->selectedException[0];

public function getCustomMessage(){
    return $this->selectedException[1];


Then all left to do is inside the Exceptions/handler.php in the render function:

private $exceptionFactory;

    public function __construct(LoggerInterface $log, ExceptionFactory $exceptionFactory){
        $this->exceptionFactory = $exceptionFactory;

public function render($request, Exception $e){
        $error = new \stdClass();
        $customException = $this->exceptionFactory->getException(get_class($e));

            $error->code = $this->exceptionFactory->getCode();
            $error->message = $e->getMessage();
            $customMessage = $this->exceptionFactory->getCustomMessage();
                $error->message = $customMessage;
       return new JsonResponse($error, $error->code);

Last thing to remember is to put the ServiceProvider in the application settings under config/app.php just add:


I hope you'll find this useful as I did.

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