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AngularJS Question

How to update angular localstorage service after period of 7 days?

I am setting data into my

from an Api request response

WishListService.getWishListTags(function(response) {
var WISHLIST_TAGS_STORAGE_KEY = 'wishlist_tags';

Now I want to update this data in the LocalStorageService after period of 7 days from the same Api request.

Answer Source

When you call an api set a new call time. And check that time in your service. If time is behind, call that service again and set new time.

You can use $promise for that kind of calls. Here is a simple example for you. You can call callWishList whenever you want whish_list.

function updateWishList(response){
    var WISHLIST_TAGS_STORAGE_KEY = 'wishlist_tags';

function getWishList(){
    var WISHLIST_TAGS_STORAGE_KEY = 'wishlist_tags';
    return localStorageService.get(WISHLIST_TAGS_STORAGE_KEY);

function callWishList(){
    var deferred = $q.defer();
    //check last update time
    //last_update is a date
    var last_update = localStorageService.get("wish_list_update_date");
    var now_date = new Date();
        //this means you need to update your data and last_update
        $"myWishListFromServerURL", {})
                .success(function (response) {
                    localStorageService.set("wish_list_update_date",new Date());
                .error(function (response) {
    return deferred.promise;
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