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NetBeans: Code folds do not appear on one of my PHP files

I'm using the NetBeans IDE. Normally, every PHP file in my project has code folds:

code folds appear

However, one PHP file in my project doesn't have code folds:

code folds do not appear

The file has no syntax errors. I've tried restarting NetBeans and reopening the project and the folds still do not appear. What could it be?

More info:

  • I'm using NetBeans IDE 7.0.1.

  • The file's extension is
    like all the PHP files in my project.

  • On another file which has the same content exactly, code folds appear.

Answer Source

Follow the following steps:

1) open netbeans 2) select tool => options 3) select Editor tab and General sub tab 4) and check code fold check box

Find attached image for detail.

enter image description here

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