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Running the WSO2 Application Manager docker image with custom configuration

Still new to Docker. I have created a WSO2 docker image successfully using instructions available here.

I would like to run it (

) with a custom CSS file. I am doing some reading, but I am facing issues.

  • The Docker image runs fine when I perform
    docker run wso2am:2.0.0

  • I have replicated the directory structure of
    and put my css file in the proper directory. I am under Ubuntu 14.

I am facing two issues:

  1. I would like to run my
    image with my directory structure on top of it, but without making a permanent change to my
    image files. That is, if I stop the container/image, it does not matter if the copied files from my directory structure are not persisted. What is the exact command to perform?

  2. The Docker documentation often mentions
    -t -i
    as options to access the container. However, when I launch
    docker run -it wso2am:2.0.0 bash
    , I don't get a shell access to explore the directory structure of my container. It just dumps all debug statements (the log). Why?

Regarding 1., it does not seem like the right to proceed. I should make a copy of my
and add instructions to copy my extra files, then build an image.

Answer Source

You can try the below command. This will give you shell access to a running container.

docker exec -it <CONTAINER_ID> /bin/bash

To get the CONTAINER_ID issue docker ps command first which will list down all running containers with their CONTAINER_IDs.

The reason it dumps logs when you execute with -i -t is that it starts the carbon server during the docker run in foreground. Therefore, you cannot execute any other shell commands in this mode. I am assuming that you might have configured this way in your docker file. Share your dockerfile if this doesn't answer the question.

Are you using dockerfiles from WSO2 docker repository?