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How to Make a Portable Jupyter Slideshow

How do I make a Jupyter slide show portable? I can serve the slideshow locally, but I can't send that to anyone and have it work with all the images, slide animation functionality, etc.

I am using

jupyter nbconver my_notebook.ipynb --to slides
and get a simple linear html file that depends on the files being on the machine where the file is used.

Answer Source

You should specify --reveal-prefix to convert it, nbconvert doc.

jupyter nbconvert my_notebook.ipynb --to slides --post serve --reveal-prefix ""

You may also use a local Reveal.js library, see here.

If you want a PDF, add ?print-pdf to the address of the running html, like:

Then save(print) it as pdf.

You may also want to have a look at nbpresent.

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