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Bash Question

Moved all home directories to different folder?

Ok this is embarrassing!! I wanted to move remote folder from downloads on to /var/www/html directory !! So I used the following command with sudo

mv /Downloads/remote /var/www/html/remote

And messed up entire file system !! All my home folders which includes downloads, folders and data on desktop everything is moved in /var/www/html/remote and no application or files seems to open !! The only thing that opens is the terminal !! How can I fix this please help !!

Answer Source

First thing to try to reverse it:

sudo mv /var/www/html/remote/<your_user_name> /home/

Otherwise if <your_user_name> isn't in /var/www/html/remote/, do a:

sudo cp -rp /var/www/html/remote/<your_user_name>/* /home/<your_user_name>/

then remove manually what shouldn't be in directory remote and what shouldn't be in directory /home/<your_user_name>/...

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