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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Entity Framework. Foreign key references item that doesn't exist

I am getting null object reference exception error on Export to Excel File.
Problem is that one record has foreign in database that does not have item in other table. I can't change database.

if (item.ShipperId != null)
str.Append("<td><font face=Arial Narrow size=" + "14px" + ">" + item.Shipper.ShipperName + "" + "</font></td>");
str.Append("<td><font face=Arial Narrow size=" + "14px" + ">" + "" + "</font></td>");

ShipperId is Foreign key which is invalid in this case. it gives exception on


I have tried checking if it's null

if (item.Shipper.ShipperName != null)

but it also gives exception on this null check

Answer Source

The reference Shipper is null. And not the ShipperName

Please check if (item.Shipper != null)

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