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C# - Office API returning 400 "69 {"error":{"code":"RequestBodyRead","message":"Cannot read the value '0' as a quoted JSON string value."}} 0 "

I'm trying to send email using the Office 365 API, I can't use the Microsoft.Office365 packages for sending, as they don't currently support our authentication, but I do have a valid token to access the API, get requests work perfectly, but when I try to post to "" I get the above error. While I can't use the send functions provided in Microsoft.Office365 I am using the message object to create my emails then serializing and posting.

public void SendMail(string Subject, string Body) {
HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
string accessToken = userCache.UserAccessToken;
Uri uri = new Uri("");
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("User-Agent", agent);
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("client-request-id", requestGuid);
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("return-client-request-id", "true");
client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Add("Authorization", "Bearer " + accessToken);
List<string> recipients = new List<string>();

#region Create Email Message
Message email = new Message();
email.Body = new ItemBody();
email.Body.Content = Body;
email.Body.ContentType = 0;//0=text, 1=html
email.From = new Recipient();
email.From.EmailAddress = new EmailAddress();
email.From.EmailAddress.Address = userCache.Email;//set from email to email of current logged in user

email.Importance = Importance.Normal;
email.Sender = email.From;
email.Subject = Subject;
email.ToRecipients = recipients;
try {
dynamic mailObject = new ExpandoObject();
mailObject.Message = email;
mailObject.SaveToSentItems = "true";
HttpResponseMessage hrm = client.PostAsJsonAsync<Object>(uri, mailObject as ExpandoObject).Result;
} catch (Exception e) { }

This submits the json below to the API:

"Message": {
"Subject": "Products",
"Body": {
"ContentType": 0,
"Content": "Products"
"BodyPreview": null,
"Importance": 0,
"HasAttachments": null,
"ParentFolderId": null,
"From": {
"EmailAddress": {
"Name": null,
"Sender": {
"EmailAddress": {
"Name": null,
"Address": ""
"ToRecipients": [
"EmailAddress": {
"Name": null,
"Address": ""
"CcRecipients": [],
"BccRecipients": [],
"ReplyTo": [],
"ConversationId": null,
"UniqueBody": null,
"DateTimeReceived": null,
"DateTimeSent": null,
"IsDeliveryReceiptRequested": null,
"IsReadReceiptRequested": null,
"IsDraft": null,
"IsRead": null,
"WebLink": null,
"Attachments": [],
"ChangeKey": null,
"Categories": [],
"DateTimeCreated": null,
"DateTimeLastModified": null,
"Id": null
"SaveToSentItems": "true"

As far as I can tell this is what the API is looking for, since I used their own object to build it, but it seems to reject what I send no matter what I do. I have tried serializing first using

JsonConvert.SerializeObject(mailObject, Newtonsoft.Json.Formatting.None, new JsonSerializerSettings { NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore });

to not send the null values, figuring it might not accept values, even null, for things it calculates like the body preview, but no change.

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Answer Source

The error indicates that you are sending an integer value 0 when the API expects a string value. And in fact the documentation here shows that Message.Body.ContentType as well Message.Importance should be strings, e.g:

  "Body": {
    "ContentType": "Text",
    "Content": "Products"

You are likely sending integer values for these properties because, in your c# classes, they are enums. If you want to serialize enums as strings by name, you need to use StringEnumConverter.

You could set it directly on the property as an attribute, e.g.:

public class Body
    public ContentType ContentType { get; set; }

    public string Content { get; set; }

You could also configure HttpClient to use this converter for all enums as explained in this answer.

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