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What items are considered as bad html

I do use an editor to design email marketing templates. I found out that this editor I am using, when I view the html side code of my design, instead of the

tag, it places
<br />
with an extra space.

I want to make my emails be as efficient as possible and be anti-spam filter friendly.

Could this be considered bad html code and could land up in spam or be blocked by email recipients?

Also, what could be the best practices in designing email templates and what to avoid?

Sample code:

<li><span style="font-family: helvetica; font-size: small;"><font color="#555555"><strong>Customized Marketing Materials...</strong></font> <em>Do you display your products? Are you looking to create more conversation with your clientele or patients about the benefits of supplementation? Check out our NEW SHELF TALKERS! Contact me to find out how to get your FREE Shelf Talker&nbsp;&lt;#my_200&gt; <br /><br /></em></span></li>

Hoping for your insights.

Answer Source

<br /> is the most common from what I've seen, Visual Studio and so on even auto-corrects to that. Personally, I use <br>

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